Our Standard

AgentPipe is an exclusive label from Sunsoft, Inc. a leading Sales and Marketing Software Service provider with nearly 2 decades of experience. AgentPipe will focus on delivery unmatchable offering to real estate companies for their Agent commission plan, Transaction automation and manage any types of pay plan to your agent by offering your agent with suite of tools to create an edge over your competition. Our team is comprised of experts having decades of experience in sales and marketing automation. With us, you will get safe and secure CLOUD based application which will help you to easily track details such as Agent’s Backoffice, Digital documentation, Transaction monitor, Reporting and analytics, Performance monitor Back-office, Pay plan management and much more. Real estate as an industry is subject to dynamic changes in the recent past and we keep ourselves updated to deliver powerful enterprise application with an optimized performance. With AgentPipe, you can now create an edge over your competitors and redefine the industry standards.

Our Expertise

Having more than 17 years of Marketing and Sales Automation Software experience, When it comes to Agent commission management Software, there are some “cheap” options. A low price option can prove to be very expensive for direct selling and network marketing companies when they fail to deliver commercial launch and handle network responses. Conversely, some companies are extremely expensive so that companies wind up spending the majority of their budget on software and they literally have no money left for marketing, and ultimately fail. Don’t let this happen to your company. Remember, NO legitimate business can afford to work for free or cheap. We as a company envision your ideas and strategies and deliver a stable enterprise platform with an affordable CLOUD licensing plan on middle of these two extremes, You can avail our Cutting edge Cloud based software suite at a no cost ‘One-time’ activation fee ranging  towards project customization and development followed by a monthly subscription fee ranging between $1199-$2999 Including Five Star Support, Hosted on World Class patented infrastructure with global compliance, No Transaction Fee, No Cap on Agents, training with a fixed monthly Operational expenses and most importantly NO SURPRISES.

Why AgentPipe?

Legit Enterprise Platform

The MLM software you select is one of the most important decisions you will make in your direct selling or Network Marketing business. Unifying enterprise-class data protection & scale-out storage in one easy-to-use solution. Eliminate Complexity and Break Down Data Silos. Cloud-Based Protection. Eliminate Operational Complexity with Reduce Cost Of Ownership determine a stable Enterprise Platform. With our Legit Enterprise platform, now you can launch your Direct Selling and Network Marketing platform at ease if you are a start-up or an established network.

Simplified Integrations

Integrate business applications using a visual interface and manage, profile, and control data across the enterprise. Integrate and transform enterprise application data and drive insights swiftly. Business at the speed of thoughts, that’s what simplified integrations can deliver to your business powered by AgentPipe

Security Optimized

Software security is the application of techniques that assess, mitigate, and protect software systems from vulnerabilities. These techniques are implemented through Network Architecture, Standard Operating Procedure and Advanced data Encryption algorithm to protect software against malicious attack and other hacker risks so that the software continues to function correctly under such potential risks. With your business powered by AgentPipe, Security is never compromised to provide integrity, authentication and availability

Redefine Personalization

We understand that every Business is Unique and unless we meet our client’s expectations in terms of pay plan configuration, dashboard analytics and integrations we will fail to deliver a business solution to your Direct selling or Networking Marketing Business. With AgentPipe, we blend personalization with perfection and performance.

Five Star Support

A Service Level support agreement entitles our commitment on support to our clients through all approved channels. Our technicians have been intimately involved in the creation of our products and know them better than anyone. Our support team has direct access to the software engineers that designed and implemented all of our products, ensuring that you will get a solution, every time! This combination of knowledge allows our technicians to communicate effectively and precisely with you while troubleshooting an issue. The most interesting part of our AgentPipe support is, it’s offered at NO additional fee with Free upgrades

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