Soft Launch Process

Create an edge over your competitors by empowering your brokers and real estate agents with Agentpipe. We are not a console to track your transactions but rather a platform that offers a suite of tools for commissions, transaction command center, agent management tools, reporting and analytics, back-office for agents, optional unique landing page for agents, networking, and accounting tools towards process automation.

It’s a platform built for real estate professionals with the 5S modular technical edge.

Now you don’t have to hire a company to build your Agent Transaction software suite invest it in AgentPipe CLOUD’s legitimate enterprise platform. We at AgentPipe Offer a 10 days soft-launch release plan.




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Be operational for enrollments within 10 business days
Agents get an exclusive back-office to manage their team and make it grow.
Agents get a replicated site to built -up their downline
Agent transaction console facilitates them to add their transactions, agreements and digital signature and offer tools for automated payments.


The success of a soft launch is mostly dependent on your company being prepared with all required inputs so our delivery team is not waiting on you. If your team is responsive and has everything ready that they are responsible (Briefed in the kick-start items table below), it is possible to get your system up within 10 business days as promised. Again, this time frame is predicated on your team having their pieces ready. Any delays introduced by your company not providing these items in a timely manner will directly affect your go-live for your soft launch.

Web SiteWe do have an in-build website theme incase if you prefer to start it from the scratch. However, if you already have your wordpress or shopify or bootstrap website its our responsibility to integrate the same with our back-office which will be hosted in our cloud server to manage replicated web sites.
Merchant Solution AccountYou will obtain a valid merchant solution provider accounts for both Pay-in and Pay-out payment processing and do provide us with appropriate security credentials for integration. We support 120+ merchant account providers on iCON CLOUD for API integration. Please contact our sales for more information.
Terms and ConditionsProvided by your attorney or authorized authority. You must provide this to our team in either word or pdf format
Domain NameYou must Obtain a domain name through registrar such as or a similar service. You must be able to edit the “A” record for their DNS
Compensation PlanYou must define your base-lined compensation plan with ranks, bonus, We will configure the plan as per your comp plan document for soft launch.
PersonalizationCustomization inputs based on the agreed scope of work and licensing eligibility criteria.
BrandingYour team will provide us with the images, logos and preferred color code required to brand your enrollment page and distributor back-office. Our team will send you exact specification for the images
Notification ServicesYou must create an account with for auto responders and for 2FA notification services respectively.
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