Compliance Partners


Cloud Security Alliance Controls

Global Quality Standard

Security Management Controls

Cloud Specific Controls

Personal Data Protection

Payment Card Standards

Audit Controls Report

Security, Availability, & Confidentiality Report

General Controls Report

United States

Criminal Justice Information Services

DoD Data Processing

Government Data Standards

Educational Privacy Act

Financial Institutions Regulation

Government Security Standards

Federal Information Security Management

SQuality Guidelines and Regulations

Health Information Trust Alliance Common Security Framework

International Arms Regulations

Protected Media Content

Financial Data Standards

Accessibility Standards

SNational Institute of Standards and Technology

Protected Health Information


Government Security Standards

Privacy Legislation in Alberta

Privacy Legislation in Ontario

Privacy Legislation in Nova Scotia

Canada’s Federal Private Sector Privacy Legislation

Asia Pacific

Financial Industry Information Systems

Korean Information Security

Australian Security Standards

Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard

Outsourcing Guidelines


Personal Health Data Protection

Operational Security Attestation

Cyber Threat Protection

Spanish Government Standards

UK Government Standards

Automotive Industry Standard

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